TRENTO, 26-27 October 2017

In 2017, the international peer reviewed journal Public Understanding of Science, founded in 1992, celebrates its 25th anniversary.
On this occasion, leading scholars in the field are invited to imagine and reflect upon the future scenarios of Science in Society, discussing the main trends and challenges for research, publishing, science communication and public engagement. Go to the website
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Cristina Rigutto
Blog and social media editor at Public Understanding of Science Journal

Blog Contributors

Rony Armon
How do scientists tell (their) stories?
Communicating (the science of) antimicrobial resistance
Who defines social science concepts for the general public? 
Beyond facts and lies: Science in a post-truth era

Martin W. Bauer
Results of the essay competition on the ‘deficit concept’

Massimiano Bucchi
What can Science, Technology, and Innovation Contribute to the Global Issues Today such as Sustainable Development Goals?

Elena Canedelli
Haeckel’s Embryos. Images, Evolution, and Fraud. Review

Rupert Cole

Martí Domínguez
Bankole Falade
Is religion at war with science in modern Nigeria?

Jane Gregory and Guoyan Wang
Cover Images Raise Citation Rates

Jean-Baptiste Gouyon
Historical moments in Public Understanding of Science 

Brian Kantor
Meaning is co-constructed, in science communication and in art

Rodrigo Martínez-Novo
Aquaculture, fishermen and the invention of innovation

Elena Milani

Beth Gillian Raps, Ph.D,
In Science Communication, why does the idea of a public deficit always return?

Jacopo Sacquegno
Visual thinking, doodles and the hand-drawn path through science

Mike S. Schäfer

Real science at Sundance film festival collides with science deniers

Guoyan Wang
Cover Images Raise Citation Rates

Elly Zimmer
Planning engagement activities for science festivals


Ezzuela Zarantonello
Visual Abstract - Are GMO pictures scaring people?


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